Please use this resource facility to find answers to questions that have previously been answered by our support personnel. If you cannot find the answer in this area, please use our support tickets system to express your question and we will be at your service to provide a response.

How can I keep track of all my clients repayments? How will I know when they under/overpay?

Using the ‘Full Payment Summary’ you can view each and every monthly payment from your borrowers. If the transaction has no accent colour then the right amount has been paid on time. If the transaction shows in green then it is over the agreed amount. If it is orange then it is under. Payments made after the loan end date are shown in grey.

When doing deferred postings, I would like to see the totals before I mark transactions as posted. How can I do this?

In the deferred postings section, on the right of the screen you will see totals for: No. of transactions, transaction total (£), advances (£), repayments (£), capital (£) and interest (£).

I need to send my clients digital copies of their statements and I would like to print physical copies for book keeping. How do I do this?

In the statements section, after you have selected the desired clients of which you require statements. Click the ‘Run Statements’ button to export them to a PDF format for emailing. Or click the print button for a paper document for book keeping.

I would like to assign individual team members to different clients. Is there a way to do this so that we can track who is in charge of each client?

Yes, in the CRM select any contact. Then in the contact’s page at the bottom left you will see a drop down box labeled ‘managed by’. This is where you select the member of your team you would like to assign to the client.

How can I calculate simple loans for my clients in LAMS?

In the LAMS spreadsheet table there is a preset called ‘Loan Calculator’. Using this you can input the data you have to calculate how much principal and interest is to be paid each month. This can also be saved as a PDF for sharing or printed for physical copies.

Do I need Microsoft Office to run LAMS?

No, LAMS comes with a built in word processor, spreadsheet, flow chart and PDF viewer. Meaning that a copy of Microsoft Office is not required for each user. Our tools provide everything you will need in LAMS without any extra cost.

How can I check that a transaction has been posted?

Using the ‘audit log’ you can view every transaction and see how much each transaction is for, what type of transaction it is, the date of the transaction as well as if the transaction has been posted or if it needs posting.

Can I increase/decrease the interest amount after taking payments on the loan?

Yes, open the loan in which you wish to change the loan rate and enter a new rate change with a date which you would like the change to take effect.

How can I quickly update transactions made in bulk?

Using the ‘Batched Input’ button in the ‘Borrowers’ tab to enter transactions in bulk. This includes: capital repayments, interest recieved and more.

Can I amend errors retrospectively in LAMS?

Using the ‘Error Corrections’ buttons in the ‘Utilities’ tab you can make any changes neccessary to previously input transactions on your system.

I need to keep track of communications made with my clients, does LAMS provide a facility to track this?

In the CRM module you can attach notes and documents to each contact to keep track and update other collegues on the status of your clients.

When contacting new customers, I like to send a greeting email, how can I save a template for contacting new customers en masse?

In the ‘Letters & Mailshots’ tab you can compose, load and save your own templates for contacting clients. Using the mail merge feature it is possible to write personalised letters/emails for multiple clients at will.

I would like to change the look of my LAMS database. Is this possible?

Yes, under the options tab in LAMS you can change the ‘colour swatch’ as well as the ‘look and feel’ of your database.

I have a meeting with my team, can I create a single entry in my diary which will update for my colleagues and myself?

Yes, In the diary section of the CRM it is possible to create internal diary enteries for yourself and your team to view if desired.

The presets for the KPI do not show me the desired informantion I would like to see. How can I customise the KPIs to show the data I need to view?

If our preset templates do not show any information required, go to the ‘Loan Dashboard Designer’ to edit or create your own templates to meet your needs.

Is it possible to enter loans which have not yet been approved?

LAMS has the ability to store a loan with a ‘pre-loan’ status, once the approval stages have been completed, it can be set to ‘live’ status and the capital amount is then posted into the system.

A loan has been paid off, but remains a small amount of capital or interest which I want to be written off, can this be done?

LAMS provides transaction facilities to be able to write off the small amounts and put them to a write off account in the accounts system.