Case Studies

Davon Ltd.

As a lender our key focus is working with borrower and brokers to get deals done. FoxHub not only frees up your time for that key activity but you know that you have a dependable system that covers the entire loan process form the initial enquiry through to the redemption of the loan and everything in between available at the click of a button.

Bridging Capital Ltd.
t/a Bridge Help

There are several providers of specialist loan management software, but we found the majority to proclaim that whilst their product covers all the features we require, so impressed were they by their own product, they expected our business to fit their product. Foxhub were the first to really ask, how can we make Foxhub fit your business.

Vector Capital Plc

For a long time we relied on several different software packages to manage our business. We used Excel documents to keep track of loan balances and to perform interest calculations, Word documents for issuing indicative terms and loan statements, a dedicated CRM App for tracking prospects and monitoring the loan process. In one stroke all of these workflows fell into one using FoxHub, which dramatically changed our business and improved revenue.

Agam Jain

Understanding lenders

Vector FinSoft developed FoxHub on the understanding that small to medium size lending businesses are required to be more efficient than ever before, with a critical focus on improving workflows, account transparency and cash flow status. Their ability to effectively manage financial processes, communicate with stakeholders and mitigate errors is crucial. Lending businesses migrating from paper and spreadsheet workflows to newer fintech software is prevalent in the fast paced industry and for many, choosing the right software can be the factor of succeeding or closing their doors.