Who are we?

Where it began

Vector FinSoft is a Fintech software company that specialises in an end-to-end loan management platform called FoxHub. Based in the UK, it owes its origin to the parent company, Vector Capital, an established finance lender that attributes its success to software that was developed in-house. Inspired by the radical change in their business from using their own loan management platform, Vector FinSoft was created to offer businesses the same winning platform in a commercial package.

Meet the team


Agam Jain

Agam Jain knows more than most what it takes to oversee multiple successful businesses. While being the founder and owner of Vector Finsoft, Agam is also responsible for the strategic management of Vector Capital, a successful Secured Finance business.
Agam has become a highly respected figure in the finance industry with more than 20 years of establishing his finance business and also being a founder and former director of a listed company on the ASX.

Vik P

Vik Parekh
Business Development

Vik Parekh is the Managing Director at Vector Finsoft where he has led the team to develop and commercialise FoxHub. After spending over a decade in senior operations roles for multi-million dollar brands, Vik knows what it takes to drive business and deliver outstanding quality products. It’s how well you connect the customer’s needs to a solution and how you can provide them a future of new business opportunities.
In addition to his extensive operations and sales experience, Vik has a broad understanding and experience in Finance which has placed him the role of advising the FoxHub development team. His knowledge and expertise in running Foxhub is highly regarded and he leads from the front in customer support. For Vik, there is nothing more rewarding than to see the success of businesses that implement FoxHub.
Vik holds a Bachelor of Commerce from BE College.


WJ Wain
Software Engineer

Billy has worked on developing the Vector software platform since 2015. As an authorised Sage integrator with over 3 decades of IT experience, he has led the way in developing all aspects of the software platform. Putting not only his heart and IT soul into the binary world of FoxHub, but his innovative approach and management skills also have contributed to the success of Vector Capital business systems.

Understanding lenders

Vector FinSoft developed FoxHub with the understanding that small to medium size lending businesses are required to be more efficient than ever before, with a critical focus on improving workflows, account transparency and cash flow status. Their ability to effectively manage financial processes, communicate with stakeholders and mitigate errors is crucial. Lending businesses migrating from paper and spreadsheet workflows to newer fintech software is prevalent in the fast paced industry and for many, choosing the right software can be the factor of succeeding or closing their doors.

The Solution

FoxHub core module is a powerful loan application management software that is cloud based and processes transactions in real-time. In addition CRM, Portal and Accounts modules help scale up and support business growth.

Loan management workflow

Financial management workflow



Fintech software market

With so many developers in software, VectorFinSoft holds a unique position of being born from its success in the parent finance company. During the finance company’s journey of growing their Loan Book, it was recognised the need for a platform that provided value and innovation in loan management. In contrast to competitors, FoxHub has been created from real-world use and therefore a smart fit for businesses looking to software that will drive their business forward. They understand the market and business needs, because that is where they come from.


Businesses who are new to cloud technology will be comforted to know that having real-time access to multiple users provides accurate synchronous workflows. Users can work remotely from the office and other external stakeholders can connect with custom privileges.

While from the front end, users will be pleased to see an intuitive dashboard that can be customised to reveal information they require. Further, the interface colours can be customised to make the look your own, with the option to white label.

Support is also available with plenty of training videos to assist navigate through the software and understand the tools available.

When it comes to security, FoxHub was developed within the Microsoft ASP.NET ecosystem using tough Azure server infrastructure. VectorFinSoft employs servers in the UK which come with high failover safeguards and a 99.99% SLA rating to ensure data is always available and protected.

What’s more, FoxHub is constantly updated from the cloud service side, with scheduled software updates to improve user experience and any security vulnerabilities.

When it comes time for a business to grow, FoxHub can accommodate with expansion of modules and API assistance for other third party accounting software, including SAGE.